Hedgepig Wild Fruit Gin Hamper with FREE delivery


Spoil someone with our foraged, fruity and fabulous pudding gin hamper.
From Wild Bullace and Quince to Zesty Elderflower, we’re bringing you a thoroughly British taste of the hedgerows.
Best of all, we’ll make a charitable donation on your behalf to help preserve the nation’s hedgehog population.

50p from every bottle sale (whether 20cl or 50cl) is donated to the British Hedgehog Preservation Society. The plight of the hedgehog makes for desperate reading. In rural areas, numbers have fallen by half over the past two decades.These snuffly little fellows have a special place in people’s appreciation of nature and as business rooted in the countryside, we’re delighted to be supporting the fine work of the unsung heroes at the British Hedgehog Preservation Society. Every little counts.

Please note – this will be delivered by courier and requires a 18+ signature.  We will happily deliver to a work address, if easier.

Hamper dimensions:
14″ hamper (380x250x145mm)

Hamper contents:
50cl Wild Bullace and Quince
50cl Zesty Elderflower
20cl Glorious Gooseberry 


Welcome to our range of fruit gin liqueurs or pudding gins, as we like to call them.
First out of the blocks is Wild Bullace and Quince.  The little known bullace is a variety of plum, and quince belongs to the same family as apples and pears. Our team of foragers spent days on their hands and knees rummaging around the East Anglian hedgerows.

Well worth it though, as the resulting taste of this unusual pairing is like little else.

Zesty Elderflower, the latest addition to the family, is a wonderfully luscious liqueur. To quote Olive Magazine: “We loved the opulent floral and citrus notes of this beautifully packaged, silky liqueur, which has a pleasing sharp-sweet character that’s not too sugary.”
For many foragers, elderflower is the jewel in the crown, and from late May we’re busy collecting the sprays of tiny white flowers from hedgerows.

And then there’s a dinky bottle of Glorious Gooseberry made with gooseberries grown locally to us.
As noted by Olive, we purposefully haven’t gone overboard on sugar and we have a higher alcoholic content than many other fruity liqueurs.

All three drinks can be enjoyed over ice as a digestif.  Especially delicious with cheese and dessert as an alternative to sweet wine or port. The hamper also includes a brochure with suggestions for long drinks too. With every hamper purchase, we’ll donate £1.50 to the British Hedgehog Preservation Society.

As a business rooted in the countryside, we’re committed to protecting the future of these snuffly little fellows. In rural areas, numbers have fallen by half, so every little counts.