NEW Pinkster Vodka – 70cl


Made with real raspberries.

Introducing the latest twist from the Pinkster family – Pinkster Vodka. Distilled for unmatched smoothness and lightly kissed with our signature fruit infusion, it’s the perfect addition to your spirited evenings and cocktail creations. Crafted with the same playful heart as our beloved gin, this vodka invites you to sip, mix, and celebrate the unexpected.

Mark your calendars! Our first bottles are being dispatched in early May 2024. Secure your slice of joy and pre-order your Pinkster Vodka today.


Crafted with the same passion and flair that defined Pinkster Gin, our Pinkster Vodka is a vibrant testament to our dedication to innovation and quality. Distilled for purity and infused with a whisper of fruit, this vodka offers a clean, crisp base with a playful twist, perfect for sipping neat or shaking up your favorite cocktails.

With each sip, Pinkster Vodka promises an exceptional smoothness, a testament to our meticulous distillation process. It’s subtly infused, hinting at the natural world with more than a nod to signature raspberry, ensuring that each bottle carries the heart of Pinkster’s ethos: a celebration of the uncomplicated, the pure, and the joyous.

Pinkster Vodka is more than a spirit; it’s a statement. It stands for those spontaneous moments, the toast to the unexpected, and the cheers to the nights you’ll never forget. Whether you’re crafting a sleek martini, a refreshing spritzer, or simply serving with tonic, Pinkster Vodka delivers a versatile canvas, inviting you to infuse your drinks with creativity and your gatherings with laughter.

Join us in welcoming the newest member of the Pinkster family. Dive into the crisp, clean world of Pinkster Vodka.