Cash in on empty bottles

2020 greetings gin lovers. Fittingly, our first post for the year is a sustainability one.

In keeping with our passion for recycling and minimising waste, we’ve launched a local bottle return scheme.

This means you can now return your empty Pinkster bottles to participating retailers and receive either 50p back or £1 off your next bottle.

Here’s Barley resident Jane Hart swapping the first bottle at the Royston branch of Cambridge Wine.

We’ll keep you posted on other supporters, such as Burwash Manor, as they sign-up.

Read what Cambridgeshire Live has to say about it all:

(The money-back scheme applies to 35cl and 70cl Pinkster bottles, along with 35cl Pinkster Royale and 50cl Hedgepig bottles….so get rifling through those empties)