Help for Heroes

Normally at this time of year we’re gearing up for our round of Christmas fairs, many of them raising valuable funds for charity.

A firm favourite of ours has been the Early Christmas Fair at Wiltshire’s Tedworth Polo Ground, which supports a fine cause, ABF – The Soldiers’ Charity.

Not fazed by having to scrap the event, the organisers have created #VirtualFair2020 which runs from Monday 21st September to Thursday 1st October.

Rather than us explaining what it’s all about, read this round-up from Annabel and Grace, explaining how the fair works and all the bespoke brands offering discounts and ABF donations

Not one to miss a trick, these jolly ladies have already hosted a humdinger of a Pinkster Gin and Curry evening. All in the interests of science, naturally.

Happy shopping.