The Pink Gin Garden

The Pink Gin Garden

We’ve seen some pretty drinks in our time, but this beauty is in a league of its own.

The Pink Gin Garden

▪️ Pinkster – 50ml

▪️ Elderflower Liqueur (St Germain/Hedgepig) – 20ml

▪️ Lime – Whole

▪️ Cucumber – 2 slices

▪️ Mint – 6 leaves

Roll the lime and then cut into 8 pieces and add to the glass. Cut the cucumber, add to the glass and muddle together with the lime. Add the mint and top with crushed Ice. Pour in the gin and elderflower and pull the cocktail through with a barspoon.

Top with crushed ice and garnish with cucumber and mint. Enjoy.

Thank you #thecocktailbible 👌